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helpful to national security. >> right. this is what u.s. government -- the claim that you just referenced has been saying for decades. they said the same thing to daniel elseberg and whoever leaked the bush nsa eavesdropping program to "the new york times" in 2005, or told dana priest about the black sites. this is how the government always tries to protect themselves from transparency is by accusing those who bring it, of endangering national
helpful to national security. >> right. this is what u.s. government -- the claim that you just referenced has been saying for
senator feinstein-- we know and we have learned a lot about the capabilities of the u.s. government. do you-- have you at this point come to any conclusion about whether those capabilities and that power was abused by these agencies? >> no, i have seen no abuse by these agencies, nor has any claim ever been made in any way, shape, or form, that this was abused. you know, it's interesting to me, because i've been going to china for 34 years now trying to increase rerelationships between
to sue in >> yes, we should be. companies should not be helping the federal government to snoop on us. we have to ask ourselves how much liberty we are willing to give up in order to create the false illusion of security. to live in a fro society, risks are involved. the risks are worth to to have what we have. >> steve, if i am buying a service and i don't want them to share the service with the government should i be able to sue them if they do it against my will? >> companies for a impossible position. if they help out the government they are snooping on privacy. if they don't help out the government they are helping terrorist. the focus should be on the government and l abuses, don't bring in companies that are doing the best and caught in an impossible position. >> sabrina, the government made some of the companies their partners. >> we are taking a giant step to national socialism if our companies claim immuneitty. the government doesn't need to own the means of production for us to be in a precarious position. before we are in a bad position in the society. >> rich, what do you thi
is listening to your telephone calls. john: government officials do like. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all? >> no. john: my fellow libertarians are mad at me. they say, i am not angry enough. >> you know, i don't think this is john stossel. i think it is an impostor. john: i'm angrier than she is. >> i don't mind. it's not like it will be on tmz. john: big brother and privacy. that's our show tonight. -7♪ >> and now john stossel. ♪ john: 65 years ago, that novel struck a chord. people feared the future would bring government spying on us through telescreens that were everywhere, even in our bedrooms. big brother was watching. when computers became popular people feared that the intnet would become government's way of controlling s. we libertarians said, no, the opposite is true. the internet and personal computer revolution is have freed us from all kinds of government control. it did, but lately we learn about several orwellian like intrusions on our privacy. most recently that the national security agency tracks our phone calls and some e-mails. this is a terrible thre
is here the governor and i fired up about distrust of the government as irs targets conservatives. now we're learning $70 million in bonuses and your tax dollars lining their wallets. what does she think about that? >> and does the f.b.i. owner currently use drones and if so for what purpose? >> yes, sir and for surveillance. >> eric: shock and awe. now, they are using them to spy on americans. now, your privacy on the line. and reaction from a shocking exclusive interview with the father of the nsa whistleblower ed snowden. he is fired up and what he says will shock you. "cashin' in" blowing the whistle on big brother right now. >> eric: i'm eric boling. in a moment we'll explore the latest with "cashin' in" crew and joining us will be colonel alan west. joining me my very good friend and fox news contributor, sarah palin. governor, welcome. we obviously can't trust the irs. they proved that by targeting conservatives and now the agency is giving their union employees $70 million paid for by the temperature. it can't be sitting well with you? >> no, it certainly doesn't. i think in orwel
a government would collect a bad deed. its a shame and more reasonto distrust our feder government and the nonsee going on in d.c. >> that's the overriding theme of the she. and can we trust them in governor, can we trust them? >> well,l, can i trust our fedel government? is the bear catholic and does the pope le in the woods? no, i don't trust our federal government. eric, that is a $17000000000 trillion have a gornment that doesn't announce to the american public thate are bankrupt and instead they dig more debt and spending money on riculous items and programs, that is just one example as to why it is that the american public can't trust the federal governme. it seems that washington is for sale and we have so many companiesine in the recent weeks, eric that lead people to understand and acknowledge that we need ahealthy distrust of our government. >> this week, the tea party said it is time to abolishhe irs? >> right on. this would give us reason to head toward a miction of a tax code and adopt a flat tax and you know, that way we coul abolish the bureaucracy that is so burden
is it that mr. snowden has revealed about the government that makes them want to put him into prison so eagerly. you said there were other ways to do this. ron wyden and mark udall has been running around the country for three years now saying the obama administration has been using secret law to engage in domestic spying that would stun the american people and yet they were prevented even members of the senate intelligence committee were prevented from
avenues available to anyone in this government, including people who have classified information. we get two or three visits from whistleblowers every single week in the committee. and we investigate every one thoroughly. he didn't choose that route. if he really believes he did something good, he should come back and face the consequences of his actions. >> do you think he's gone?
with espionage? he didn't work for a foreign government. he could have sold this information for millions of dollars and enrich himself. he did not do that either.
a secret court rules that what the government is doing in spying on us is a violation of the constitution and the law and yet we sit here and don't know what that ruling is, because it's all been concealed and secret? i think we need to have transparency and disclosure. that's why mr. snowden stepped forward so we could have that. >> there are reports he is
would be government spying on us through screens everywhere even in our edrooms big brother was watching and when computers became popular people fear the internet with the government's way to control us. ww said the opposite side and the internet and personal computer revolution has freed us from government control and it did but lately we've learned about several orwellian like intrusions on our privacy most recently with the national security agency tracking your phone calls in the mills this is a terrible threat to american liberty says when congressman. there just mining data but not listening to phone calls >> it violates the constitution's fourth amendment protects us from unreasonable search and seizure fiscal elite -- clearly violates the fourth amendment and the government gathering information with a general warrant outlined by the constitution. not on the basis of any suspicion that just because their people and the information is useful that is what the founders expressly prohibited with the constitution teeseven it is useful for me if he keeps me from being blo
and i fired up with distrust of the government. now we are learning irs is giving themselves cent million dollars in bonus and what does sarah think about that? >> and does the fbi own or currently use drones and if so, for what purpose? >> yes, and for surveillance. >> talk about shock and a we. fbi using drones to spy on americans. now the governor weighs in and reaction from my shocking interview with father of whistle blower mr. snowden. and what he said will shock you. cashin' in blowing the whistle on big brother right now. >> hi, everyone. i am eric poling. we'll be going full speed a head and explore the latest in washington. and also colonel allen west is here. joining me in the hot seat good friend and fox news contributor sarah palin. governor, welcome. we can't trust the irs. they proved that by targeting conservatives. and they are giving union employees 70 million in bonus paid for by the taxpayer. it is not sitting well with you. >> no only a government would collect a bad deed. it is a shame and more reason to distrust our federal government and the nonsense going
this very institution. today, once again, we see that, the federal government through the internal revenue service, it stands on the side of shutting down the competition of ideas. we are joined by one of our best friends here at aei to talk about this problem. mitch mcconnell is no stranger to anyone here. he is going to comment on the use of government are to stifle speech. it is always an honored to have him here, to share his thoughts and none more so than here today during senator mitch mcconnell. >> good morning. i appreciate you all being here. i particularly want to thank you, arthur. where did you go? there you are. this is one of the most indispensable institutions in washington during arthur is a player manager in the think tank world. he not only steers the ship, he is generating some of the best research. he also has a lot of fans on the hill and it is safe to say he is a model and an inspiration to college dropouts. french hornsioned french on players everywhere. [laughter] last june i said here and warned of a grave and growing threat to the first amendment. that threat has
government. that is why the donor list has been protected of the socialist worker party since 1979. that is also why the supreme court told the state of alabama that it cannot force of the naacp to disclose its donor list back in 1958. the president could claim as he did six months after wagging his finger at the supreme court that the only people who do not want to disclose the truth of people with something to hide. he can claim that, but the fact is there is very good and legitimate reason that the court has detected folks from force disclosure. they know that failing to do so subject them to the kind of harassment that we have been seeing here the last three years. the political response to citizens united with the so- called disclose act was not about cleaning up politics, it was about finding a blunt political weapon to be used against anyone group and one group only. conservatives. those who doubt this have not and paying attention to the tactics of the left. they must not have noticed the stories about top administration officials holding weekly phone calls with groups like
treated after this morning. who needs the government to try to criminalize journalism when you have david gregory to do it. he claims to be a journalist, raising questions, which is not actually embracing any particular point of view. that's part of the tactics of the debate when lawmakers have questioned him, there's a question about his role in this, the guardian's role in all of this. it is actually part of the debate rather than going after the questioner. he could take on the issues and he had an opportunity to do that here on "meet the press." what is journalism, mike murphy,
to adversary governments which is what he could have done, had his motive to harm the united states. he came to two newspapers, "the guardian" and "washington post" and said, i want you to be extremely careful about what it is that you publish and what it is that you don't publish. only publish what americans should know, but don't harm national security. we have withheld the majority of things that he gave us, pursuant
to the nsa, don't do millions know it. hello, everyone. this guy is proof we need more government workers. according to a new report, they're ready for a new fight against hiring outside contractors while pushing for are more federal workers and security jobs. that have you feeling a little insecure? gary, what do you think? >> there is no proof that contractors do a bad job for us with our security. this is an outlier event, one that should be arrested. i do not want any union employees put down our throatses in the security business. that will affect us going forward. i want good people running the show. >> there is also a report out friday that says even though the nsa has rule order how to handle our communications, there are so many gray areas or wiggle room, if you will, that it's all kind of spooky anyway. >> it is. and i will borrow something i know adam might very well say. of course the unions will try and increase their ranks. which theoretically if you had more government workers versus private contractors, that would happen. actually i totally agree with gary this is a one of
friend give my constituents of their mortgages will continue to be affordable under his governing? >> my friend makes an important point. we do and a record low interest rates and that is good news for homeowners, and what we needed is to stick to the plans we have set up, have a sensible fiscal policy so the bank of england can keep interest rates low. one piece of advice i won't be taking is on saturday the leader of the libby pardon city want to control borrowing but on sunday the shadow chancellor said borrowing would go up. so perhaps the leader of the labour party would admit when it is tuesday, labour would borrow more. >> ed miliband. [shouting] >> mr. speaker -- mr. speaker, last may the education secretary said, and i quote, work will begin immediately on 261 projects under the priority school building program. can the prime minister delta house how many have begun? >> what i can tell him is infrastructure spending under this government has been higher than it was under labour. we have around 14 billion pounds reserved for capital spending on our schools. we have had to clear u
today. i will also be making an announcement about the new minister to join the government. at the end of the year, stephen green a former chair and chief executive of hsbc will be standing down as trade minister after doing a superb job refocusing the government's efforts in key export markets. i can announce that in livingston for the past five years the chief executive of bt will take on this vital role. i believe he will bring huge talent to a vital national effort. >> thank you, mr. speaker. there are many people benefiting from outstanding teaching of inspirational teachers. not all of home -- of whom have been -- >> he makes a point. there are good teachers in our school and has been through the crisis. we had another new policy from the party opposite banning all such teachers from such schools. i have been busy. i have had a careful look at this policy. i know there are teachers, people who teach, including those of the opposite. the honorable member, a renowned historian teaching at his local school. he will be banned. there is a former member who enjoys doing that as well. t
a collection of clips from programs we have featured on the nsa and the topic of publishing government secrets. over the next hour we will hear from authors james bamford, matthew aid james keefe and dana priest. up first is the author james bamford whose first book about the nsa the puzzle palace was published in 1982. he spoke about the follow up to that book "body of secrets" in 2002 at the independent institute in oakland, california. >> the nsa is an extremely secret agency and when i wrote the book he it was the first book written about nsa today never thought i would have to read a second one but after i wrote puzzle palace no one came along and followed in my footsteps so i ended up writing "body of secrets" 20 years later which is only the second book written on the nsa so i sort of have a monopoly on that topic at this point. the government was not very happy that i wrote the "puzzle palace" and they twice wrote me for prosecution even though i never signed clearance forms with the nsa or anything else. they just didn't like anybody writing on the nsa. the old saying at nsa is that t
and if journalists are restricted people will know only what the government wants them to know. please join me in giving a warm welcome to the c.e.o. of the associated press, mr. gary pruitt. [applause] >> thank you angela. and i want to thank the national press club for inviting me today and i want to thank them for the really cool cupcakes they put together with all the logo through the years of a.p. i think it's really artfully done and deliciously done. for those of you who don't want your cupcake, bring it to the a.p. table. i'm sorry for those of you watching online on c-span that you're not going to get those cupcakes. but before coming here today to speak, i thought it would be a good idea to get a sense of how the seizure of a.p.'s phone records by the u.s. department of justice was affecting our reporting. and what i learned from our journalists should alarm everyone in this room and i think should alarm everyone in the country. the actions of the d.o.j. against a.p. are already having an impact beyond the specifics of this particular case. some of our long time trusted sources have
of the russian government was made to pay? >> yes, sure. well, it was never classified as a war crime. there was the inquiry afterwards, the board of inquiry, but that was internal. that was the german navy itself. what happened though was they wanted the soviet union, would have been the highest military honor, but as i mentioned, the track record didn't serve him well. he -- there was another incident where he had fired on a boat, and he exaggerated his report, so he had this history of that. he was responsible for tore torpedoing another space to general stevens a few weeks after this. he does not get the recognition that he craves. the soviet government doesn't classify, you know, just moves on, and they don't want to talk about it again because that would capitalize on their atrocities. it was the soviet liberators of concentration camps. their stories was not told, a positive story for them, but because of what was beginning on with stalin and forced labor camps. he's not -- it's not until power shifts, and he's long dead that he does get hero of the soviet union, and he's, toda
had more government workers versus private contraors, that would happen. actually i totally agree with gary this is a one off. you n have people whoeak confidential information even if they work for the government. you call h a whistleblower, i say private bradley. >> i've done a lot of reporting about the whistleblowers. they're all insane to a certain extent, so we should expect that much different from this guy. i do have a little bit of problem, though, farming this sort of essentia stuff ot to to contractors. i think we don't farm out the police department. we don't farm out the fire departme. why should we be farming out surveillance. there is a degree of extra control -- >> if they were federal workers, could all sleep well at night? >> i'm not saying that. i'm saying we have moreontrol in-house. there isore control of the police and fire departments because it's in-hoe. >> bep, hn, how do you feel? >> i could not agree more. the guy that these guys outside contractors have access to phone records of every single person in america if not the tire world is insane. and i thin
to connect citizens better with government * . i ran it for almost nine years. and when i was elected to office four years ago, i was unfortunately more surprised than i wanted to be about how far behind san francisco government was. this was very 2008, 2009. with you i'm really proud of the leaps and bounds we have taken as a city * . i was proud in 2010 to help move forward legislation to really bring together city departments to work in a coordinated way with our committee on information technology. to help create a chief information officer position for the city. i was also proud to work with then mayor newsome in passing the first generation of open data legislation that we have. but as our civil grand jury in june pointed out, our i-t in san francisco is still in need of a culture shock. and this is where all of us come in today. we have 200 data sets that have already been put out there, but by and large the data sets put out by city government are data sets that i think show us in a very positive way. from my perspective, it's important for us to keep on pushing data sets that
to prevent them from leaving. the hong kong government also said it wanted more information about alleged u.s. hacking of computer systems in hong kong. over the weekend, the south china morning post had new revelations about how the u.s. attacked china's mobile phone companies and universities. wikileaks is assisting snowed in his travels. and activist reportedly accompanied snowden on his flight to russia. we will have more with glenn greenwald as well as michael ratner after the headlines. house minority leader nancy pelosi was challenged over criticism of edward snowden and the defense of the obama administration surveillance olicies during the netroots mission converts in california. as she spoke about the need to balance secure with privacy rights, an activist shadid "it is not a balance. it makes us less safe." calusa was later booed when she mentioned snowden. >> as far as snowden, he did violate the law in terms of releasing those documents. we don't know -- [boos] i understand, i understand, but it did violate the law. , again, we have to have the balance between security and priv
cavuto. this guy is proof we need more government workers. according to new reporting they are ready for a new fight for hiring outside contractors for security jobs. does that have you feeling a little insecure. to our panel, gary, what do you think? >> there is no proof that contractors do a bad job for us with our security. this is an event, one that should be arrested. i do not want any union employees put down in the security business. i wanted good people running the show. >> alisyn: there is a report out d. >>> even though the nsa there are oh many gray areas and wiggle room it's all kind of anyway. >> i know something that adam might say. the unions will try to increase their ranks that theoretically if you had more government workers versus prievtd contractors that would happen. i agree with gary k., this is one off and dufess last week. you can have people, you can have people who leak confidential information funny they work for the government. call them a whistleblower. it's. >>> they are all inning sane to a certain extent with whistleblowers. but i do have a problem of
here soon. >>> the case has been made. we've got to a big intrusive government. irs, nsa, you name it. >> the irs targeting of tea party groups was taking place at headquarters in washington, and there is nobody that's going don vince me that obama was not involved. >> the indictment by the tea party of big government has been validated by the way they've been treated. >> i think the president leads in two fashions. he has the legal authority by being elected but you also need moral authority, and think this constellation of scandals, really he's losing his moral authority to lead the nation. >> the nsa leak is one of many scandals that has take an toll on the president's popularity. the president's approval rating fell 8 points in one month. >> we have not seen this kind of intense evidence of obama losing approval, losing popularity, and losing support. >> the problem is the guy has lost being forth right and honest. he's got no credibility. >> the president is bankrupt on the trust factor. people are appalled at what's going on in the government, so why should they trust them? >> t
recommendations from last year's report. if the government should legislate for general power to break up the bank. high risk casino banking. we think it is right. commission think it is right. the government is refusing to implement. if i can get some advice to the prime minister. we think it is right. the commission think it is right. the government has so far refused to implement. why is the government not doing it? >> first of all, i would rather listen to my chancellor. we remember his advice. 125% mortgage. that is fine? the biggest banking bust in british history, that is fine. he was there when all of it went on. .e are just tearing up the best we would not have these results without this inquiry commissioned by this government. over not be able to legislate if we do not have the excellent banking bill. in terms of his question, we are putting something around we tell bank. -- retail bank. we are not going to take lectures from the guy -- from the guy -- who was the advisor on black wednesday. he has no answer about the retail and investment banking. maybe he could do better on this issue.
than three months get his hands on information detailing a highly classified government program that he subsequently shared with foreign media outlets? the long answer is one that will ultimately require a great deal of review. we do not just have an external program. we have an internal one. there are nearly 5 million individuals inside and outside of our government who have been granted security clearances and access to our nation's most sensitive data. million individuals have access to that information, with a real problem in our hands if we cannot get this right. because of the national security implications involved. workbuilds on the previous of this subcommittee, as well as the senate armed services committee, and the senate select committee on intelligence. we will examine the parents process, and discuss the management oversight of the federal employees and contractors tasked with carrying out investigations for the granting of clearances. i hope and expect an open and frank discussion with witnesses today about the particular roles they play in the security clearance process.
as the government files formal charges against him. >> plus, our own congressional summit on the hottest issues of the president's second term. the immigration fight is coming to a head with high stakes and big leadership testsor both the president and the gop. the stock market stumbles. how much volatility is ahead in the economy? and what should washington do? >>> and the debate over spying. is the country still behind the nsa surveillance program, or does the president need to make a public case to keep it going? with us 14 capitol hill voices. assistant democratic leader dick durbin of illinois. the top republican on the senate homeland security and government affairs committee and immigration, key conservative voice, tom coburn of oklahoma. democratic congresswoman from california, loretta sanchez, and the chairman of the house intelligence committee, republican congressman mike rogers of michigan. then our political roundtable on obama's rough patch. critical reviews of his trip to the g-8 and his efforts on syria, falling approval ratings. is his second term slipping away? >>> good sunda
of the impact of this. the question is, how do we work with governments here and around the world to protect what is on criminalork and accidents that network occurring around the world that impact us as well as national security in regions around the world? --i would like to invoke invite the folks at lunch today if you have comments or questions. i think you have concerns that deserve to be represented. dan? >> i am with caterpillar. this is a tactical question. one of the things we have seen is in major vulnerability caused by a poorly written code that underlies our applications, operating systems, telecommunications devices. we have talked about designing but having code is stable and secure is not happening. you talked about silicon valley. you talked about route 128. the same problems are inherent in all of the companies and locations. they write bad code. this is something that cannot be done purely in the private- sector or in the government sector. has anyone given that a sock? how can we change the vulnerability landscape we exist in? >> worse yet, some of the code is not been wri
of the government that is going to decide whether those goals have been met or not? isn't 10 years quite a long time to get this achieved? i think this could be achieved in one or two years. why is this over 10 years? host: let us look it's a more details in open "the new york t leo in california, a democrat. go ahead. caller: good morning. -- mying i wanted to say mother had to learn to speak english when she came here. my brother and sister were held back in class until they learned english. i have lived in orange county since 1955. i have watched the immigration , and enter the county and really take over. all of our county here was union, could pay. people could work pretty steady. now what is happened is the track work has been taken over and the wages have gone down to $12 per hour. other thecial and i spent myher -- time in korea in the 50's. i had to wait two years after i got out to get apprenticeships. after i got to be a carpenter it was a great way to make wages. we have young kids coming back from overseas and these jobs that are in the union's right now that pay about $45 per hour, plu
fannie mae, freddie mac, fha, almost 100% domination of the housing market through the government. what do we get? bubbles burst, bubbles burst. gerri: that is what i am worried about. i remember the last time we got into a housing bubble i started looking at those little pieces of evidence something was awry and i found something about that in this market today. we look at the searches on the web for homes, everybody buys homes this way now. in places like palm springs, sacramento, california. we have web search is going on from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in astonishing numbers. i find that to be a sign somehow the market might be ahead of itself. what do you think? >> everybody is saying the psychology bubble, the housing prices shooting up there i want to get on the bandwagon. i thought i saw this in 2004, and we are seeing inventory come back on the market, so i had to get into the housing market now. zero down payment if possible. we are repeating the same cycle. gerri: i agree. we will watch this very carefully and i am sure you will help us. thank you for coming on. we're talking ab
. >> but they also took away into the city's? [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: the government simply took away the harvest. all of it. then they redistributed to people. >> it reminds me of the tragedy in the ukraine, very similar to what happened. while the famine was going on, it was very hard to get information about what was happening. the government tried to suppress the knowledge. is that correct? [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] look at it this way, they are full of praises and policies. sometimes they have only said good words about what was happening. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: they said that we have this cheap surplus of grains. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: this includes the story that we told you. >> now, people who try to spread the knowledge about the famine to other people. what happened to them in the beginning? [speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: they were not allowed to spread such information or even allowed -- i mentioned to mr. taylor that people in the county were not allowed to wr
of classified information. all of this as the u.s. has charged snoed within epps naj ad the threat of government property and they want him to face justice in the united states. many questions remain. we want to talk to the chairman of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, with us this morning, in just a moment. but first i want to bring in the man who broke the nsa surveillance story for t"the guardian" newspaper, glen in brazil this morning. there's a very big delay between us on the satellite so i want to be mindful of that. glen, so as i begin this morning, tell us where snowden is, where he is ultimately headed. >> well, i think the where he is question is one what you just answered, which is he's on a commercial flight to moscow, where he's ultimately headed unknown. in every conversation that i've had with him over the last three weeks he has stressed that the key contact for every decision he's making is as was reported this morning the obama administration has been engaged in an unprecedented war against whistle-blowers, people who bring transparent soy to what they're doing, a
in 2010. the shake-up follows a series of opinion polls suggesting gillard's minority government would suffer a devastating defeat at national elections to be held in three months. >>> president barack obama laid out an aggressive action plan to cut carbon emissions and prepare the united states for the impact of climate change. he faced criticism in his first term for failing to live up to his promises on the environment. obama says 40% of all domestic carbon pollution comes from power plants and pledging to introduce federal limits for new and existing facilities. >> power plants can still dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air for free. that's not right. it's not safe, and it needs to stop. >> the president is vowing to invest in clean energy. he says he wants at least 6 million homes to run on renewable power by 2020. president obama pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 17% from 2005 levels by 2020 in the beginning of his first term. but a recent report from think tank world research institute shows that the united states is not on track to meet the target. t
last year. but he has been criticized for ignoring anti-government .rotests in bahrain and he is suspected of subservience to syria. his government has not exactly displayed exemplary management skills over the construction of a hydro power power dam that could threaten egypt's water supply. morsi attended the united nations general assembly, but did not meet barack obama in washington and he skipped a regional tour in march. >> morsi wants to be seen as an appendage of the united states, but in severing ties with syria recently, he allied himself with washington, it kind of turbulence that has been affecting democratic transition in egypt. cut -- >> kevin read has returned as the australian prime minister, forcing juliette out of -- julia gillard her crew. >> of the former australian prime minister as leader once more. , the truththe smiles is the australian politics is brutal. kevin read toppled julia girouard from leadership on wednesday, largely seen as revenge for what happened three years ago. gillard was gracious, but said her tenure was never easy, especially because s
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